Viva la libertad

The Story Behind This Piece

There is a place where all the outcasts gather. Where they are accepted regardless of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their past or their economic standing in society.

And in this place, every Wednesday at four in the morning, a congregation meets. At its pulpit: Baby Marcelo. The sermon: “Viva la libertad” (Long live freedom!).

Date Taken: 10 August 2017
Location: Heart, Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste

Product Description

Edition: 1 of 100
Photo Paper: FineArt Pearl Hahnemühle Photo Paper (1cm White Border)
Passe-Partout: N/A
Color: -
Material: -
Width: -
Thickness: -
Glass: N/A
Frame: N/A
Profile Width: -
Color: -
Hanging Mechanism: -
Certificate of Authenticity: Certificate sent via email as PDF upon receipt
Time to Process Payment: 5-7 Business Days
Manufacturing: 1-2 Business Days
Shipping: 7-14 Business Days
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Viva la libertad


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