Meant to Be

The Story Behind This Piece

Dominant color: A spectrum from purple to ultraviolet.

Personal Insight: This serendipitous capture, where every element aligned perfectly, reminds me of life’s unpredictable beauty. While replicating this would be formidable, it reinforces that life's treasures find us when we're disciplined enough to be present and discerning.

Date Taken: 29 September 2018
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste

Product Description

Edition: 1 of 20
Photo Paper: FineArt Pearl Hahnemühle Photo Paper
Passe-Partout: Non-acidic, fade-resistant museum card stock – Free of wooden fibres
Color: Natural white
Material: Hahnemühle museum card
Width: 3 cm (1.18 in.)
Thickness: 1.4 mm (0.06 in.)
Glass: Anti-reflective Mirogard Museum Glass
Frame: Viena
Profile Width: 27mm
Color: Black Oak
Hanging Mechanism: Rear hooks made of metal (Included in Pricing)
Certificate of Authenticity: Certificate minted on Blockchain once receipt of artwork is verified
Time to Process Payment: 5-7 Business Days
Manufacturing: 1-2 Business Days
Shipping: 7-14 Business Days
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Meant to Be


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